Deeper than the Grave: Episode 2

Marter Paranormal Research Team

Members of the Marter Paranormal Research Team sits down with us to talk about their method and philosophy of paranormal investigation. We also talk with them about their investigations of the USS Silversides and their Willis House research project. In the second half, we review a few more EVPs from our investigation of the Detroit Masonic Temple. Join the conversation with us on Facebook.


Show Notes

Marter Paranormal Research Team – Technical, Science, and Research

Marter’s YouTube Channel

USS Silversides – Haunted World War 2 era submarine

Marter Investigation Video – USS Silversides

Willis House – Focus of Marter Research Project

Gettysburg – Civil War Battlefield literally crawling with spirits

Rich’s Paranormal Preview

A Haunting – On Destination America

My Haunted House – On Lifetime

Haunted Case Files – Hhhmmm, I wonder…Destination America

Ghost Asylum – Destination America. What else would it be

Paranormal Lockdown – Switching it up, this is on TLC


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