Through the Portal and Locked In

313 Paranormal and Portal Paranormal Society at the Podcast Detroit Studios

What a show! We had a such a good time with Ken, Jen, and Lynn from Portal Paranormal Society that we had to do a two hour show. Jen, Lynn, and Ken shared some of their favorite investigations with us. Lynn was also kind enough to share an experience that gets her emotional to this day. Looking for a delicious goodie in the Antietam area? Hear Ken’s recommendation and let us know if you’ve had them.

We discuss the two day lockdown investigation that our team, 313 Paranormal, conducted this weekend. The residence is a 100 year old house that is well known in the area for being haunted. The home has a fascinating history as well. The family that owned it during the Prohibition Era would hold parties in the basement where visitors could indulge in frivolity and illegal refreshment. In the decades since, residents have reported hearing those parties still. Two members of the family who currently own the home, called in to tell us about the experiences they had while growing up in the house.

Download and listen to the show to hear the experiences of the family and our team. At the time of recording the show, we had only reviewed a small portion of the evidence gathered, but we play a few EVPs that we already caught.

More information can be found in the show notes below.

Show Notes

Website: Portal Paranormal Society

Facebook: Portal.Paranormal.Society

Dead Cat on a Blimp

Prospect Place – Trinway, OH. Portal Paranormal Society will investigate here in June. It is an historical landmark and a stop on the Underground Railroad.

Battle of Antietam – Lynn had a profound experience visiting Burnside’s Bridge at this battlefield.

Battle of Gettysburg

Pickett’s Charge

Venomous snakes of Pennsylvania – There are definitely more than one kind of venomous snake in the Gettysburg area.

Farnsworth house Inn – Ken’s favorite place for pumpkin fritters