Deeper than the Grave Episode 10: Lee and Jennifer Kirkland, Nick Groff Tour, and MI Paracon

Lee and Jennifer Kirkland

Lee and Jennifer Kirkland

What a great interview!

The producers of the Nick Groff Tour, Lee and Jennifer Kirkland, rushed home to Kentucky from Cleveland to call us this week. We really appreciate them taking the time to talk with us. They tell us all about traveling to some of the country’s most notoriously haunted places with Nick Groff. The Nick Groff Tour offers fans the opportunity to meet Nick and other Paranormal Celebrities. Some even get to investigate with Nick and the others. Lee and Jennifer also share some of their own experiences with the paranormal, including Jennifer’s recent encounter with a certain large-footed legend.


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Show Notes

Nick Groff Tour Website:

Nick Groff Tour Facebook:

Cryptid Con Website:

Creepy People Talent Website:

Spirit Hunter of Central Kentucky (SHOCK) Website:

Hales Bar Dam (Wikipedia; Fly By Night Paranormal): We investigated this location April 3, 2017. We had some awesome personal experiences and hopefully caught some good evidence. We will reveal out findings on the show soon.

Old South Pittsburg Hospital: On April 4, 2017, we investigated Old South Pittsburg Hospital (OSPH). We began at about 4:00pm and right away we began having experiences. We’ll find out what evidence we caught on a future episode, so stay tuned.

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