Deeper than the Grave Episode 12: UFO, Alien Abduction, Michigan MUFON

Bill Konkolesky – Michigan MUFON

This episode is all about UFOs! The Michigan State Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Bill Konkolesky, talks with us about Michigan’s surprising UFO history. He shares stories of some amazing encounters that have happened all over the state. We also talk about the Men in Black, alien abductions, conspiracy theories, and much more. You need to hear about Bill’s encounters that he says have been going on since he was an infant!

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Show Notes

Mutual UFO Network (National):

Michigan MUFON:

Experiencer: Raised in Two Worlds by William Konkolesky: Amazon

Phoenix Lights: Wikipedia – Phoenix Lights

Alien Abduction: Wikipedia – Alien Abduction

Men in Black:

Antarctica Pyramids: Are these naturally occurring? Made-made? Alien-made?

Antarctica Conspiracy Theory: Did John Kerry visit Antarctica to tour a secret Nazi UFO base?

Area 51: Highly classified military base believed to house alien technology.


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