What Is Paranormal Investigating Really Like: Reality TV vs Reality


By Kate

Being a Paranormal Investigator can be a tough gig sometimes. There are many doubters and even more critics. Being taken seriously can be a challenge especially for those new to the field.

There Is More to Investigating the Paranormal Than You May Think

The recent influx of paranormal teams and TV shows seems to be a double-edged sword for those who have been in the community for the long haul. While it brings awareness and additional social acceptance to the subject, it also leads people to believe that all you need is a recorder and a video camera and you too can be an investigator just like so and so on TV!

It sensationalizes what we do in the dark and makes it appear as if it’s hours of nonstop action and excitement with evidence constantly being captured and spirits interacting with every piece of equipment. They tend to leave out the hours upon hours of sitting in silence, the mountains of research, the lengthy evidence review, the expense and all of the other small details that go into a successful investigation.

New teams are popping up left and right in an attempt to get rich and famous quickly and I find that concerning. The notion that anyone can do it without any knowledge or dedication to the craft and assumptions that it will be nothing but fun is just not true.

Ghost Hunts Are Rarely Like TV

The reality is, more often than not, it’s quite boring. You can sit for hours and not get any activity or you can walk into a location and have something happen in the first five minutes. It’s unpredictable, it’s time-consuming and most importantly it’s about making a connection.

The majority of investigators are genuine and are truly looking for answers. They conduct respectful investigations, look to collect concrete data and care about those involved, both living and not.

The Purpose of Paranormal Investigation is to Make Connections

For me, it’s all about making a connection with someone as well as the location and being there to listen if they have something to share. Shows that highlight the provoking of spirits, call everything demons and lead the public to believe that spirits always act on command cheapen the reputation that real investigators strive to maintain and make it difficult to advance the paranormal field.

There are shows out there with real investigators as well and they are incredibly easy to spot. They have a completely different approach and show a different side of the investigation including some research, interactions with the living and actual resolution. They show that sometimes they sat in a room and recorded for three hours and captured nothing. They are real. They show the truth and that’s why they are credible.

The rest are about entertainment first and actual evidence second. Paranormal investigating isn’t a hobby or a way to entertain yourself. It’s a lifestyle, a passion, a dedication to increasing your knowledge and awareness. It’s about wanting to help people, having experiences and going back in time through amazing locations.

When a spirit gives you evidence it’s a gift. Be thankful and above all, be respectful.


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