Deeper than the Grave Episode 16: Dave Miller, 51 Areas Paranormal Talk Radio, AreasBox App

AreasBox App

Dave Miller, Host of 51 Areas Paranormal Talk Radio and Co-Creator of  AreasBox App

**This episode has some explicit language**


Deeper than the Grave and 313 Paranormal received no compensation in return for discussing AreasBox. One free download of the app was provided for testing and research. The positive feedback we give about the app is based solely on our experience using it.

Dave Miller talks with us about his experience with the paranormal, his show 51 Areas Paranormal Talk Radio, and the app he co-created called AreasBox.

In general, we are skeptical of ghost hunting apps. The AreasBox, however, has proven itself to be useful and accurate. It uses reverse audio of Latin payers and protection to attract positive anergy and create positive communication

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