Deeper than the Grave Episode 17: Spirit Attachments


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Spirit Attachments

Investigating the paranormal can be fun but there are dangers that go with it. It is not uncommon for investigators to bring a spirit with them when they leave a location. It’s important to follow certain protocols to protect yourself from spirit attachments. That is the topic of this episode.

What are some ways to guard against having spirits attach to you?

How do you get rid of an attached spirit?

Those are a couple of questions we explore. We also share experiences we’ve had with attachments. A surprise guest even calls in to share some knowledge about the topic as well.

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Show Notes

Benefits and Usage of White Sage – This herb is used to cleanse locations, objects, and people. Please be safe and follow the protocols discussed on this website.

Black Tourmaline – A stone used to ward of negative energy and entities.

My Old Catholic Store – A website where you can purchase various religious items that can be used for protection against spirit attachments.

Resurrection Mary – Mary is reportedly seen outside Resurrection Cemetery, which is located in a Chicago suburb.



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