Deeper than the Grave Episode 18: Brian Holloway, Paranormal Communication Apps

Brian Holloway, AreasBox, LegionBox, ErthrealBox

Brian Holloway and Paranormal Communication Apps

Brian Holloway has been interested in the paranormal since he was a child. In fact, his earliest memory involves a strange incident that shocked his whole family. It set him on a path to discover ways of communicating with those on the other side, a path that eventually lead him to develop several apps which do just that. Brian shares his stories and tells us about the apps he has created on this episode.

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Show Notes

Brian Holloway’s Facebook Page

Brian Holloway’ YouTube Page

Javier Sanz Facebook Page

The Ghost Trail YouTube Page

AreasBox on Google Play

LegionBox on Google Play

Benefits and Usage of White Sage – This herb is used to cleanse locations, objects, and people. Please be safe and follow the protocols discussed on this website.

Black Tourmaline – A stone used to ward of negative energy and entities.

My Old Catholic Store – A website where you can purchase various religious items that can be used for protection against spirit attachments.

Resurrection Mary – Mary is reportedly seen outside Resurrection Cemetery, which is located in a Chicago suburb.




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