Deeper than the Grave Episode 19: Paranormal Investigations N.I.

Paranormal Investigations N.I.

From the bottom Keith (founder),Nicole,Charlene,karla,Margaret,Anthony,Allan,John and Donna (co-founder)

Paranormal Investigation Northern Ireland

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Ireland is a land of castles, churches, and pubs. Most of them ancient. All of them haunted. Our new friends, Paranormal Investigations Northern Ireland (PINI), chat with us on this episode paranormal Ireland. They are a great group and this is some of the most fun we’ve had on the show. This is a DON’T MISS EPISODE!

PINI have investigated some of the most haunted places on the Emerald Isle, including Charleville Castle, White’s Tavern, and Leap Castle. Join us as the team tell us about some of the experiences they’ve had and evidence they’ve collected. We also talk about theories and opinions on all aspects of paranormal investigating.

**We did have some trouble connecting with the team over Skype at first but come on they are across an ocean from us. We have good conversation while Marv works on it but if you want to skip right to PINI, go to the 22:30 mark.**

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Show Notes

Paranormal Investigations N.I.’s Facebook Page

Charleville Castle – Haunted castle in County Offaly

White’s Tavern – Legendary haunted pub in Belfast

Leap Castle – Pronounced “Lep” this is regarded as the most haunted castle in Ireland

Coonen Cottage – The place where Mrs. Murphy and her children were terrorized by a poltergeist

St. Patrick’s Trail – The 92-mile route through Northern Ireland linking several sites significant to the Patron Saint of Ireland

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