Deeper than the Grave Episode 21: John Edmonds and The Stardust Ranch

John Edmonds

John Edmonds

John Edmonds

Startdust Ranch was suppose to be the realization of a lifelong dream for John Edmonds. It was to be a place where he could rescue and rehabilitate animals of all kinds, but especially horses. He and his wife got more than they bargained for, however. Strange and frightening things began happening the moment they arrived at their new home.

John talks with us on this episode about several of his experience over the past 21 years he has lived at the Stardust Ranch. These go beyond seeing lights in the sky and even abduction. John says he has physically battled aliens with firearms, swords, and his bare hands.

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What Was That?

About an hour into the show near the 1:04 mark, a strange sound breaks in that we heard while recording. Hit us up on Facebook and tell us what you think it is.

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Show Notes – Unofficial website for John Edmonds and Stardust Ranch

Luke Air Force Base – Air Force base near the Stardust Ranch

Phoenix Lights Incident – On March 13, 1997, thousands of people in the area of Phoenix, AZ witnessed strange lights in the sky

Ghost Adventures – The Stardust Ranch episode

Tissue Sample Report – The tissue samples John Edmonds says came from an alien he stabbed with a sword

Helpful Hooves – The organization that John and his wife operate to rescue horses and other animals abandoned in the area

Clarification of Claims

We could find no information to corroborate the claims that Dr. William Levengood died in his lab. In fact, a comment on this blog post relating to Dr. Levengood’s death says that he died in Hospice care in Jackson, MI.

It should also be noted that Dr. Levengood’s wife, Glenna, passed away in 2010, three years before Dr. Levengood.

William C. Levengood – Biophysicist and crop circle researcher who analyzed the tissue samples that John Edmonds say cam from an alien

Glenna Levengood – Obituary for William Levengood’s wife, Glenna