Deeper than the Grave Episode 22: Eclipses and the Paranormal

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

Eclipses and the Paranormal

Do eclipses trigger disasters? Can they bring strange creatures out of hiding? Perhaps they reset everything for a new start. Our discussion on this episode revolves around the myths and legends of solar and lunar eclipses.

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Show Notes

Deluxe Replica Proton Pack at Spirit Halloween – Here is the Ghostbusters’ Proton Pack that Rich and Marv want

Planet X – NASA’s Overview of what they can “Hypothetical Planet X”

Nibiru – It is said the legendary planet will appear soon and possibly destroy earth

Ley Lines – Alignment of monuments, sacred sites, land formation, etc with alleged paranormal significance around the world

South Carolina Lizard Man – Authorities in South Carolina warned residents to look out for the Lizard Man during the eclipse

Zombie Preparedness – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gives us information about how to prepare for the zombie apocalypse

Eclipses and Religions – An article that discusses how various religions perceive eclipses, what they mean, and how they affect the world

Eclipse Chasing on the Concorde – In 1973, a team of eclipse chaser spent 74 minutes in totality by flying the path of totality aboard the Concorde at twice the speed of sound

Eclipse Maps – See the path of eclipses that will occur over the next several decades

Eclipse Chasers in the US – People from all over the country flock to cities and towns in the path of totality to witness the historic eclipse

MIParacon – Tracey and Marv attend the Michigan Paracon in Sault Ste. Marie August 24-26

Midwest Parafest – Our friends, Erie Shores Paranormal will host the Midwest Parefest at the Toledo Yacht Club April 7, 2018