Deeper than the Grave Episode 24: Investigating the Toledo Yacht Club

Toledo Yacht Club

Toledo Yacht Club

Investigating the Toledo Yacht Club


A few months ago 313 Paranormal investigated the Toledo Yacht Club and we had some wild experiences. Separate groups talked to the same spirits in different rooms and at different times. Shadows were seen by different investigators downstairs. it is possible that we uncovered a disturbing story from more than a century ago.

This is the place where the spirit calling himself “Paul” attached to our own “Allegedly” Rich. Paul is still with Rich to this day. We don’t know why or what he wants. He may be good, he may be evil. We discuss a hypothesis or two about it.

Enjoy and Keep It Spooky, Everyone!

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Show Notes

The Toledo Yacht Club – One of the oldest yacht clubs in North America, it was founded in 1865. Many spirits are reported to sail around the halls and rooms.

Clip from Ghost Hunters at the Toledo Yacht Club – In season eleven, episode four, the group from the SyFy Channel (at the time) show Ghost Hunters investigated the Toledo Yacht Club.

Will the World End on September 23, 2017? – Many people, including “Allegedly” Rich, believe that the rogue planet Nibiru will slam into Earth soon.

Spirit Attachment – What is a spirit attachment? Why does it happen? Who is vulnerable? How do you protect yourself from attachments?

Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult – Mobile museum of haunted objects and mysterious artifacts

Old Mill Parafest – On November 4, 2017, Spirit World Paranormal Investigations (SWPI) and the Old Mill host this ParaFest. They will have some great celebrity speakers. Check it out!

Mid-Michigan Paracon – This Paracon will be held on November 5, 2017 in Flint, MI.

Midwest Parafest – Our friends, Erie Shores Paranormal will host the Midwest Parefest at the Toledo Yacht Club April 7, 2018