Our Story

This team started with just two people, a KII Meter, a digital voice recorder, and a trip to a local cemetery. That night, we captured our first intelligent EVP and we wanted more! We had no idea where this would lead us. The team soon grew to four members. The original four members were all born, raised, and still reside in the 313 area code, so when it came time to name the team the choice was obvious: 313 Paranormal. Over the years, we have grown to 11 members who each bring their own skills and strengths to the team.

We all agreed from the beginning that our approach to investigating the paranormal would be logical and scientific. We always try to debunk activity and replicate it before labeling it “paranormal.” We feel that the legitimacy of this field requires that we all be responsible critical thinkers.

Mission Statement

The mission of 313 Paranormal is to assist those experiencing paranormal activity and to add to the general knowledge of the paranormal investigative field of study. We will offer education and explanation to those who wish to receive it. For our clients, we will make every attempt to bring reason and closure to their situations. Our investigators will always act in a professional manner. We will never present evidence as paranormal without thorough attempts to debunk it first. We NEVER charge for our services.

Code of Ethics

The members of 313 Paranormal observe a strict code of ethic when on investigations. Our intent is always to act professionally and courteously when investigating, no matter where it may be. Members and guests who do not adhere to our code of ethics will be removed from the investigation site immediately.