Investigation Summary

We were honored to be the first team in many years to investigate the Historic Detroit Masonic Temple. This temple is the largest Masonic Temple in the world, so we invited members of Marter Paranormal Research Team, Portal Paranormal Society, and Erie Shores Paranormal to join us. Even with four teams investigating we only scratched the surface of this massive structure.

It was a great investigation. Several of us had personal experiences and we caught some good EVPs. You can hear details of our investigation by downloading episodes 1 and 2 of our podcast, Deeper than the Grave:

Episode 1

Episode 2


The EVPs we caught are below. These were all captured in the Ionic, or “Blue,” room. It is one of seven Masonic Lodge rooms in the temple and has been used by several lodges since 1926. The recorders were placed on pedestals at each end of the oblong room.

To avoid influencing what you may hear, we have hidden what we think the voice or sound is. To see what we think, click “What We Think” below each EVP.

Please comment to let us know what you hear.


This one is pretty obvious.


An investigator is talking. When he stops, we hear something else.


Jason is using a spirit box and asks, “Do you mind if I take some pictures in this room?” He may get an answer. 


You will hear an investigator talking and under his talking, towards the end, there is another voice.  


This one is quite disturbing if it is saying what we think it is.



Jason is using a spirit box and asks, “Do you want us to leave?”


There was no one in the room at this point.


Jason is using the spirit box and asks, “Can you tell us the name of any Mason?”


This one also is pretty obvious.


Jason is using a spirit box and asks, “Who sits in these chairs?” Did he get an answer?


Did we catch something?