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Founder/Lead Investigator

My interest into the paranormal began at a very young age.

First and foremost, I grew up in a home that was haunted. Things I experienced and as cliché as it is, we heard knocking on and all around every wall in the home. This would go on for a few minutes pretty much every time. The water faucets would turn on and off on their own and our toothbrushes kept disappearing.

Our bedrooms were right off the kitchen and dining room. One morning I woke up to every pot, pan, plate, bowl and cup pulled out of the cupboards and perfectly stacked in the middle of the kitchen floor. Nobody was disturbed or even heard a sound. On another occasion, I woke up to all of our dining room chairs sitting on top of our dining room table. Once again, nobody was disturbed or heard a sound. We (my mom, sister and I) never felt threatened or were ever harmed. We couldn’t afford to move and wasn’t an option for us so we just accepted the fact that we lived with a ghost.

As a teen, a good friend of mine and I found a couple of old Ouija Boards in his parents basement. We started playing with them without his parents knowledge and became very addicted to playing with them. It got to a point where we were absolutely consumed by the boards. All we ever talked about was them DAMN boards.

Luckily, nothing real bad came from playing with them. Our breaking point, we were asking questions and the planchette began to move EXTREMELY fast and we both looked at each other like, “oh F***”! At that time the planchette came up off the board and sliced my wrist/hand area which resulted in me getting 6 stitches and have the scar to prove it. I told my mom that I cut myself by jumping a fence, which wasn’t the case. I was afraid to tell her the truth, that I was playing with the “Devil’s Tool”. I was more afraid of my mom than “what” or “who” my friend and I were communicating with through the board. HAHA!!