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Deeper than the Grave Episode 11: GLAS Paranormal

GLAS Paranormal

On this episode of Deeper than the Grave, we are joined by our friends Rebecca and Dan from GLAS Paranormal. We discuss what it’s like to be a medium and have various abilities, talk about some of their past investigations and some exciting things they have coming up. They also brought us some great EVPs to share!

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Show Notes

GLAS Paranormal Website:

GLAS Paranormal Facebook:




Deeper than the Grave Episode 10: Lee and Jennifer Kirkland, Nick Groff Tour, and MI Paracon

Lee and Jennifer Kirkland

Lee and Jennifer Kirkland

What a great interview!

The producers of the Nick Groff Tour, Lee and Jennifer Kirkland, rushed home to Kentucky from Cleveland to call us this week. We really appreciate them taking the time to talk with us. They tell us all about traveling to some of the country’s most notoriously haunted places with Nick Groff. The Nick Groff Tour offers fans the opportunity to meet Nick and other Paranormal Celebrities. Some even get to investigate with Nick and the others. Lee and Jennifer also share some of their own experiences with the paranormal, including Jennifer’s recent encounter with a certain large-footed legend.


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Show Notes

Nick Groff Tour Website:

Nick Groff Tour Facebook:

Cryptid Con Website:

Creepy People Talent Website:

Spirit Hunter of Central Kentucky (SHOCK) Website:

Hales Bar Dam (Wikipedia; Fly By Night Paranormal): We investigated this location April 3, 2017. We had some awesome personal experiences and hopefully caught some good evidence. We will reveal out findings on the show soon.

Old South Pittsburg Hospital: On April 4, 2017, we investigated Old South Pittsburg Hospital (OSPH). We began at about 4:00pm and right away we began having experiences. We’ll find out what evidence we caught on a future episode, so stay tuned.

Deeper than the Grave Episode 9: Erie Shores Paranormal, Haunted Yacht Club, and Para-Unity

Erie Shores Paranormal

Heather, Jane, and Chad from Erie Shores Paranormal join us this week to tell us about their upcoming public hunts at the Toledo Yacht Club and they hint at a BIG announcement to come in April. We also chat about their method for and philosophy on investigating the paranormal, which we saw first hand at the Detroit Masonic Temple back in January. They were one of the teams to investigate with us. Our discussion of the Detroit Masonic Temple leads us into a discussion about Michigan’s tight-knit family of paranormal investigators.


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Show Notes




Toledo Yacht Club:

Toledo Yacht Club Guided Ghost Hunts:

Children in the Attic: Ghost Hunters episode (S11, Ep4) in which they investigate the Toledo Yacht Club

Dog Lady Island: This is a legendary island near Monroe, MI said to be haunted by the ghost of tragic figure known as “The Dog Lady.”

Paranormal Home Inspector: Canadian paranormal reality television show in which a certified home inspector debunked many paranormal claims by pointing out faults in the construction of home.

Historic Detroit Masonic Temple: The largest Masonic Temple is the world. Rarely investigated until recently.


The Method to my Madness: One Investigator’s Look at How to Investigate the Paranormal


By Kate

When most people hear I am a paranormal investigator, they immediately think of a ghost hunter on TV, provoking spirits and being assaulted by demons. It’s a lot of yelling and scary and nonstop action. The reality is much different. Three quarters of a typical investigation is sitting in the dark talking to yourself. Every investigator has their own unique style. Some prefer to isolate themselves, others investigate together as a team. There are those that use a ton of gadgets and wire the place like they’re going on air, while others are perfectly content to sit in the dark with a voice recorder and a KII meter.

How I Investigate

Regardless of the method, the thing that is most important to me is respect. Respect for the location, respect for the spirits and respect for the living. When I get to a location, I like to walk through alone and get a feel for the property. I wander aimlessly from place to place, absorbing the energy, and simply listening. If I feel drawn to a certain area, I’ll go that way, I try to let the spirits lead the way. Sometimes I stop and sit quietly to see what happens.

During my initial walk, I’ll introduce myself to anyone who may be around, tell them why I’m there and what my intentions are. I think it’s crucial that they know I understand they were once living, had feelings, had a life. I acknowledge they may be afraid and try to connect to them on an emotional level. I’ve discovered as I continue to do this, that I feel a strong need to be understanding and build trust before I ask for anything from them in return. I want to bring a human element to my investigations as if I’m having a chat with a new friend. I want to know about them, what they’re experiencing, what we can do to help them.

I often think about my Mom who has been gone eight years now, and what I would want to know if I ever had the chance to speak to her. When asking questions during an investigation, it’s important to me to really listen to the answers. Many times the line of questions and the investigation itself takes a completely different turn than expected based on the responses given. Keeping an open mind and not getting caught up in what you think you know is huge. When wrapping up, I think it’s just as important to say goodbye, thank them for their time and for speaking with me and to let them know that they aren’t forgotten.

Investigations Are Opportunities

There aren’t any experts in this field and it’s one of the things about it that I love most. Every investigation is an opportunity to learn. Every location has a story to tell, even if it’s not the story you were expecting. Many may disagree and find that spitting out the same questions at every location and sticking a REM pod and a camera in a corner is investigating. That an EVP or two and they’ve done their due diligence and proven a location is haunted. To me, the victory is in the connection. It’s walking out in the morning and feeling like you’ve made a difference. Not only for those who still roam the property but the living who may share the space.

Deeper than the Grave Episode 8: Brian Danhausen, Fear, Hacate, Pagans, and Seeing Ghosts

Deeper that the Grave Episode 8

Brian Danhausen

Our good friend, Brian Danhausen, takes a break from his own podcast, Paranormal Pop, to talk with us about all kinds of things. We discuss some of his favorite places to investigate like Prospect Place and Trans-Allegany Lunatic Asylum. He describes how he opens himself to talk to entities on the other side and what those experiences are like for him. Towards the end of the show Brian tells us about his books, Strange Tales from the Unknown and Into the Afterlife: Paranormal World. He and Rich even manage to freak Marv out with their talk of creepy dolls.


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Show Notes



Paranormal Pop:


MTV’s Fear:

Prospect Place:

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum:

Brian’s Book


Deeper than the Grave Episode 7: Mike Smith, Mothmen, Nain Rouge, Rougarou, and Parallel Universes

Deeper than the Grave Episode 7: Mothmen, Nain Rouge, Rougarou, and Parallel Universes Hosts and guest Mike Smith

The Adventures of Mike Smith

Paranormal investigator, storm chaser, fringe photographer, lover of adventure and all things ‘weird,” and we almost forgot TV PERSONALITY!  Those are just a few things that describe our guest on this episode. Mike Smith talks with us in studio about his many interests, including the things we already mentioned, plus UFOs, cryptids, parallel universes, time slips, and much, much more.


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Show Notes



Deeper than the Grave: Episode 6

When It Comes to Paranormal, These Guys Know Their Ship

Chris and Wayne from Metro Paranormal Investigators (MPI) hang out with us this week. We discuss their investigation team, the time they spent running public and private paranormal investigations at Historic Fort Wayne in Detroit, and their latest endeavors at with the USS Edson. They will be running some amazing events on the Edson, including overnight paranormal investigations starting in May and turning the ship into a floating haunted attraction this fall. The two hours we spend will only whet your appetite for more Chris and Wayne, so make sure you check out their podcast, The Chris and Wayne Show on Thursday nights at 8:00pm on ParamaniaRadio.

We are happy to announce that you can listen and subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play now!

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Show Notes

Website: Metro Paranormal Investigations

Website: Ideal Event Management

MPI in the News – Videos showing several of MPI’s media appearances.

Haunted Collector Season 3, Episode 7 – This episode features Chris and Wayne at Historic Fort Wayne.

Historic Fort Wayne – MPI ran paranormal investigations for six years at this former military fort located in Detroit, right on the river. It is a very active location.

USS Edson – Join Metro Paranormal Investigators to explore one of America’s most decorated warships and one of only a select few museum ships afloat today.

The Edson Incident – The premier haunted attraction aboard the mighty USS Edson in Bay City, Michigan. Make your way through five levels of this Vietnam era U.S. Navy Destroyer with each turn and stairway leading to more terrifying effects of a military experiment gone wrong!

The Chris and Wayne Show – Chris and Wayne host their own show on Thursdays at 8:00pm.



Deeper than the Grave: Episode 5

Through the Portal and Locked In

313 Paranormal and Portal Paranormal Society at the Podcast Detroit Studios

What a show! We had a such a good time with Ken, Jen, and Lynn from Portal Paranormal Society that we had to do a two hour show. Jen, Lynn, and Ken shared some of their favorite investigations with us. Lynn was also kind enough to share an experience that gets her emotional to this day. Looking for a delicious goodie in the Antietam area? Hear Ken’s recommendation and let us know if you’ve had them.

We discuss the two day lockdown investigation that our team, 313 Paranormal, conducted this weekend. The residence is a 100 year old house that is well known in the area for being haunted. The home has a fascinating history as well. The family that owned it during the Prohibition Era would hold parties in the basement where visitors could indulge in frivolity and illegal refreshment. In the decades since, residents have reported hearing those parties still. Two members of the family who currently own the home, called in to tell us about the experiences they had while growing up in the house.

Download and listen to the show to hear the experiences of the family and our team. At the time of recording the show, we had only reviewed a small portion of the evidence gathered, but we play a few EVPs that we already caught.

More information can be found in the show notes below.

Show Notes

Website: Portal Paranormal Society

Facebook: Portal.Paranormal.Society

Dead Cat on a Blimp

Prospect Place – Trinway, OH. Portal Paranormal Society will investigate here in June. It is an historical landmark and a stop on the Underground Railroad.

Battle of Antietam – Lynn had a profound experience visiting Burnside’s Bridge at this battlefield.

Battle of Gettysburg

Pickett’s Charge

Venomous snakes of Pennsylvania – There are definitely more than one kind of venomous snake in the Gettysburg area.

Farnsworth house Inn – Ken’s favorite place for pumpkin fritters


Deeper than the Grave: Episode 4

Nick White is Nick Cage. Just Listen and You’ll Understand

Illnesses and vacations leave just the “elite” members of the team for this episode. Just kidding about the elite thing. We hope everyone feels better soon and returns home safely. Those of us who were here had a GREAT conversation with Nick White. You know him from Cursed: The Bell Witch (not the Blaire Witch…Marv!). He is a really great guy, fun to talk to, and very knowledgable about all aspects of the paranormal.

Nick tells us about several of the projects he has going on now and hints at a few coming in the future. He also shares the fascinating story of what happened to him to spark his interest in the paranormal. It will send chills through your whole body.

More information can be found in the show notes below.

We apologize for the spots where Nick’s audio sounds a bit choppy. He called from deep in the Smokey Mountains. What are ya gonna do?

Show Notes

Saint Louis Cemetery #1, #2, and #3 – Laura told us about her visit to St. Louis Cemetery #2 in New Orleans

Save Our Cemeteries – This non-profit organization is dedicated to saving all of the historic cemeteries in New Orleans, including St. Louis #1, #2, and #3

Marie Laveau – The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

Nick White

Nick White’s website

Cursed: The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch – Legend in Southern folklore

Instagram: nickcage03

Twitter: @cagethedarkness

Facebook: nickwhitectd

Facebook: The Darkness Cage

Facebook: Cage the Darkness

Facebook: Cage the Darkness Inc.

Facebook: Cage the Darkness Entertainment

Rich’s Paranormal Preview

Unfortunately, Rich was not able to be on this episode, so there was no preview this week.

Feel better Rich!!!


Deeper than the Grave: Episode 2

Marter Paranormal Research Team

Members of the Marter Paranormal Research Team sits down with us to talk about their method and philosophy of paranormal investigation. We also talk with them about their investigations of the USS Silversides and their Willis House research project. In the second half, we review a few more EVPs from our investigation of the Detroit Masonic Temple. Join the conversation with us on Facebook.


Show Notes

Marter Paranormal Research Team – Technical, Science, and Research

Marter’s YouTube Channel

USS Silversides – Haunted World War 2 era submarine

Marter Investigation Video – USS Silversides

Willis House – Focus of Marter Research Project

Gettysburg – Civil War Battlefield literally crawling with spirits

Rich’s Paranormal Preview

A Haunting – On Destination America

My Haunted House – On Lifetime

Haunted Case Files – Hhhmmm, I wonder…Destination America

Ghost Asylum – Destination America. What else would it be

Paranormal Lockdown – Switching it up, this is on TLC