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Deeper than the Grave Episode 8: Brian Danhausen, Fear, Hacate, Pagans, and Seeing Ghosts

Deeper that the Grave Episode 8

Brian Danhausen

Our good friend, Brian Danhausen, takes a break from his own podcast, Paranormal Pop, to talk with us about all kinds of things. We discuss some of his favorite places to investigate like Prospect Place and Trans-Allegany Lunatic Asylum. He describes how he opens himself to talk to entities on the other side and what those experiences are like for him. Towards the end of the show Brian tells us about his books, Strange Tales from the Unknown and Into the Afterlife: Paranormal World. He and Rich even manage to freak Marv out with their talk of creepy dolls.


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More information can be found in the show notes below.

Show Notes



Paranormal Pop:


MTV’s Fear:

Prospect Place:

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum:

Brian’s Book


Deeper than the Grave: Episode 5

Through the Portal and Locked In

313 Paranormal and Portal Paranormal Society at the Podcast Detroit Studios

What a show! We had a such a good time with Ken, Jen, and Lynn from Portal Paranormal Society that we had to do a two hour show. Jen, Lynn, and Ken shared some of their favorite investigations with us. Lynn was also kind enough to share an experience that gets her emotional to this day. Looking for a delicious goodie in the Antietam area? Hear Ken’s recommendation and let us know if you’ve had them.

We discuss the two day lockdown investigation that our team, 313 Paranormal, conducted this weekend. The residence is a 100 year old house that is well known in the area for being haunted. The home has a fascinating history as well. The family that owned it during the Prohibition Era would hold parties in the basement where visitors could indulge in frivolity and illegal refreshment. In the decades since, residents have reported hearing those parties still. Two members of the family who currently own the home, called in to tell us about the experiences they had while growing up in the house.

Download and listen to the show to hear the experiences of the family and our team. At the time of recording the show, we had only reviewed a small portion of the evidence gathered, but we play a few EVPs that we already caught.

More information can be found in the show notes below.

Show Notes

Website: Portal Paranormal Society

Facebook: Portal.Paranormal.Society

Dead Cat on a Blimp

Prospect Place – Trinway, OH. Portal Paranormal Society will investigate here in June. It is an historical landmark and a stop on the Underground Railroad.

Battle of Antietam – Lynn had a profound experience visiting Burnside’s Bridge at this battlefield.

Battle of Gettysburg

Pickett’s Charge

Venomous snakes of Pennsylvania – There are definitely more than one kind of venomous snake in the Gettysburg area.

Farnsworth house Inn – Ken’s favorite place for pumpkin fritters


Deeper than the Grave: Episode 3

We Talk to Cheryl, She Talks to Dead People

Group photo of 313 Paranormal and Cheryl Lynn Carter

Front Row (L to R): Jennifer, Cheryl, Tracey, Laura; Back Row (L to R): Marvin, Rich, Dad Rich, Jason

On our third trip deeper than the grave (see what we did there?), we talk with Cheryl Lynn Carter. Cheryl is a medium, remote viewer, paranormal investigator, author, and so much more. She shares her story, which begins when she was just four-years-old and  first encountered a spirit at her aunt’s house. It goes through to today when she has honed her skills to help both the living and the dead. Please download and listen to Cheryl’s amazing story.

More information can be found in the show notes below.


Show Notes

Cheryl Lynn Carter on Facebook and Twitter

Whispers Beyond the Grave – Cheryl’s book about her journey as a medium and investigator

Ohio State Reformatory – This place is on every paranormal investigator’s bucket list. Cheryl and members of 313 Paranormal had many incredible experiences here.

Sweat Lodge – Used as part of Native American religious ceremonies.

H.H Holmes – Believed to be one of America’s first serial killers. His story is explored in the book The Devil in the White City by Eric Larson

Bachelor’s Gove Cemetery – Southwest Side of Chicago

Remote Viewing –  Using extrasensory perception, or ESP, to get impressions or even “visit” a distant or unseen target.

Project PSI – A diagnostic and teaching project for Mediums and Psychics to assess their abilities and sharpen their skills.

William Ganong Cemetery (aka Butler Cemetery) – located in Westland, MI

Motor City Nightmares – April 28-30, 2017

Mid-South Paranormal Convention – July 21-23, 2017

Chicago Ghost Con 2017 – October 6-8, 2017

Rich’s Paranormal Preview

Paranormal Witness – Mini-Marathon on Tuesday (2/14/17)

Lost UFO Files – New episode on Wenesday (2/15/17)

The Rampart Street Murder House – This is the place Rich told us would be investigated this Friday on Paranormal Lockdown (2/17/17)

The Dead Files – New episode this Saturday (2/18/17)